This programme explores how to create a working environment where individuals learn to work more effectively together – by supporting and developing each other – to achieve their full potential. It demonstrates that a fundamental element of outstanding leadership is the development of others so that they reach their full potential, and examines how we can achieve this through every aspect of our behaviour.






  • Learn how to foster and encourage trust and openness
  • Understand how to communicate effectively to create win/win situations
  • Be able to create a “leadership environment” to enhance the creativity of the team
  • Learn to build a spirit of co-operation and involvement in teams
  • Be able to create a climate in which everyone takes personal responsibility
  • Understand how to make empowered choices
  • Understand what it is like to work with people who have different belief systems and understand the link between beliefs and behaviours.
  • Supporting the participants to create a Vision for their life that supports their professional and personal goals.

There is a strong focus on communication as the foundation for developing empowered working relationships and high-performance teams. If we want to achieve our shared goals, it is essential that everyone understands exactly what is required. No matter how skilled we may be, unless our message can be communicated in a way that is clearly understood, committed to and with the right attitude then there is a high risk of falling short of achieving the optimum outcome.

The programme highlights and analyses each individual’s communicating style and supports them in moving towards more positive behaviours. With this new level of personal awareness, outstanding results can be seen in areas such as:

  • greater team co-operation and openness – the building of more open, supportive and transparent relationships to increase shared responsibility
  • improved communicating behaviours – clarity of messages reducing misunderstanding, unifying focus and creating greater trust
  • improved team support and enhanced performance – greater understanding of the needs and challenges faced by each team member and a willingness to work together to achieve the desired outcomes
  • increased innovation to create a competitive edge – the programme inspires individual confidence and provides a practical framework to encourage creative thinking and behaviour.

We all find ourselves in positions of leadership almost every day, whether as a colleague, a friend, a parent or as a manager – whenever we seek to influence another person we are taking a leadership position.


Our participants have given us superb testimonials about the impact of the programme, from a participants’ point of view.

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