More Good News From Amarach Research.

November 28th 2013     The good news is getting better: our Economic Recovery Index has reached another  record high this month, indicating real momentum in the wider economy. Even better, we’re starting to see improvements in related measures of consumer spending intentions and perceived financial wellbeing in the same survey. Up until now, consumer […]

Amarach Research gives us some good news

It feels like we have been waiting for ages, but the latest forecasts from the ESRI, Central Bank, EU and IMF are all agreed on one thing: Irish consumers will finally start spending next year. We have updated our forecasts for consumer incomes and expenditure, incorporating the most recent projections for 2014 – extending them […]

Is Anyone Moving Your Cheese?

I recently re-read Dr. Spencer Johnson’s Who Moved My Cheese. It is a book about 4 characters  – Sniff and Scurry (two mice), and Hem and Haw (two little people).  The book explores how these characters confront and deal with the reality of change in their lives. The story is set in a maze.  This […]

Only 18% of employees trust their leaders!

Maurice Whelan, Managing Director of Unleash Potential examines the impact of this lack of trust on the customer experience When it comes to Leadership in Contact Centres or indeed in business I have observed that people respond best and Leaders get the greatest buy in to their vision when they are their authentic selves. In a recent […]