The Unleash Potential Personal Leadership Programme delivers improved bottom line results by fundamentally challenging the way individuals think and clearly demonstrates how they can impact performance with small, but critical behaviour changes. Participants learn how to create a working environment where people learn to work more effectively together by supporting and developing each other to achieve their full potential.

We believe that a fundamental element of outstanding leadership is the development of others. We examine how we can achieve this through every aspect of our behaviour. There is a strong focus on communication as the foundation for developing empowered working relationships and high-performance teams. In the programme, we highlight and analyses each individual’s communicating style and support them in moving towards more positive behaviours. 






The programme is run with groups of 10-12 people.


It is run over three days: the first two consecutive days provide the major individual learning opportunities and the third day happens 2-3 weeks later.

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The Personal Leadership Programme provides a powerful springboard for generating the understanding and co-operation required for success, as well as exploring abilities and expanding horizons. The programme is based on the belief that outstanding leadership is not just about how good a leader you are, but about how many leaders you develop behind you. The programme explains the fundamental elements of creating an environment where individuals can think clearly, deeply and creatively. 

During the three-day course, there are many opportunities to explore how our own and others’ beliefs and behaviours are intrinsically linked. With a deeper awareness of this connection, individuals are empowered to challenge, explore and positively change both behaviours and beliefs. 

Every area of this development programme is firmly grounded in the business environment, so that individuals leave with practical capabilities, allowing them to make immediate changes in their own behaviour. This will significantly impact the confidence and performance of their teams and colleagues. 

The Personal Leadership Programme provides individuals with a unique and extremely effective style of leadership that leads to significant improvements in team performance, employee engagement and ultimately profitability. The programme will develop:

  • Teams who thrive on openness, trust and effective communication to deliver high performance with real efficiency.
  • A passionate and completely engaged team – hungry to grow and take on increased responsibility.
  • A team so energetic and driven, they not only perform – but actively seek ways to drive the business forward.
  • A team with the confidence to deliver innovation and build a competitive edge.


  • Greater team co-operation and openness
  • The building of more open, supportive and transparent relationships to increase shared responsibility
  • Improved communicating behaviours
  • Improved team support and enhanced performance
  • Greater understanding of the needs and challenges faced by each team member and a willingness to work together to achieve the desired outcomes
  • The programme inspires individual confidence and provides a practical framework to encourage creative thinking and behaviour.


  • Learn how to foster and encourage trust and openness
  • Understand how to communicate effectively to create win/win situations
  • Be able to create a “leadership environment” to enhance the creativity of the team
  • Learn to build a spirit of co-operation and involvement in teams
  • Be able to create a climate in which everyone takes personal responsibility
  • Understand how to resolve difficult situations with positive outcomes
  • Develop the confidence and understanding to shift from reactive responses and replace them with pro-active ones
  • Recognise how to understand and move past unhelpful repeating patterns of behaviour
  • Understand how to make empowered choices


Our participants have given us superb testimonials about the impact of the programme, from a participants’ point of view.

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