Goal Setting For The New Year And Keeping The Momentum Going

Now that Christmas is over and the last of the turkey sandwiches have been devoured its about this time we start to look forward to the new year and 2018. We reflect on the past, the ups, downs and success and look forward to the year ahead. It is also a time to pause and set out our goals, both personally and professionally. Some years ago I did a pilot show ‘Health Kicks’ where I talked about goal setting and how to keep the momentum going once you have set the goals. Although my hair is a lot greyer now (lol), the hints and tips made on the link below are still valid today. So I decided to share the link with you as I believe it will give you a great start to your new year.

I have just finished my own Vision Board for the year ahead and to say it gave me a positive lift would be an understatement. I am focused both personally and professionally on what I want to achieve this year.

So, for the month of January, unleash your goal setting potential, share the link with your family, colleagues and friends and let’s all get focused on what we want to achieve for 2018 and make it a fantastic year.