Coaching for Performance Growth

Coaching for Growth was the best training course I have ever taken. It has taught me how to coach my employees with a new mind-set and outlook. I gained so much knowledge in such a small amount of time, and the training was inspirational, energizing, and in depth. Maurice had an amazing approach that allowed participants to practice their new learning’s on one another, and see the benefit of the practice. This approach was truly a breath of fresh air.

Max Taner

Team Manger , Nest

I had the pleasure to be part of the training “Coaching for Growth” with Maurice.The training was interactive which allowed us to put ourselves in the different situations and Maurice had the ability to make us think outside of the box. In general, this training was offered to me to help me to improve my coaching skills as a Team Manager but I will take most of what I learnt to other fields of my life. Great experience!
Miguel Fernandes

Airbnb Team Manager , Voxpro

As a Group Manager, one of my key metrics is to generate a contract of high performers. The Coaching for Growth Programme delivered by Maurice ensures that the leaders in your organisation understand how to approach a situation with a Growth mindset. The Coaching for Growth programme ensures that reflection following interactions is held with the group and power questions of How and What are asked. The Role-play in the session ensures that you get realtime feedback on the coaching that you are doing and this ensures you can maximise your team’s interactions with you.
Paul Prendiville

Nest Group Manager, Voxpro

Coaching for Performance Growth Programme

This programme is practical and experience-based with supportive supervision and follow-up to embed and train the professional coaching mentality within the individual.

Coaching for Growth explores what we need to do as a Coach to create an environment where people are able to think at the highest level they are capable of, in order to grow and perform to the very best of their ability.

There is a strong focus on skills development, such as empowering questions and listening as the foundation for developing a positive experience for the Coachee. No matter how skilled we may be, unless our message can be communicated in a way that is clearly understood, committed to and with the right attitude, then there is a high risk of falling short of achieving the optimum outcome.

The programme is run over a full day, with the focus in the morning on Coaching Skills and principles, and the afternoon concentrates on role-play and practice.

Five to six days following the programme, Maurice will observe each participate in a real life Coaching Session with one of their team members. Maurice will debrief with the Coach to discuss what went well, what didn’t go well, and how the session could be better.

Twenty-one days after this Maurice will host an embedding session with each of the coaches individually to explore how the Coaching Skills are working.

Structure of Delivery

The programme is run with groups of 10 people, giving the opportunity for extensive support for each individual, whilst allowing for a good exchange of ideas and experiences. It is targeted at Team Leader Level and is a one-day programme with two follow-up sessions.

Day One
Objectives and introductions
Shared Learning Session; exploring our best Coaching Experience.
Developing a growth mind-set.
Understanding the guiding and facilitation continuum.
Practice coaching skills that can be used in a variety of circumstances
Practice hosting a career conversation
Action Planning.
Wrap up.
End of Day.

Day Five
Individual Observation session: here each participate delivering a one hour Coaching Session which is observed by Maurice.

Day Twenty One
Each individuals has supportive one-to-one session with Maurice to review how their Coaching Practice is going, and to discuss and explore any challenges they may have.

If you believe it’s time to invest in yourself, contact Maurice at: +353 (87) 820 2018 or email him at [email protected] to book your Coaching for Performance Growth programme. Alternatively, just fill out the booking form HERE and one of the team will be in touch.

Maurice has held Chair, Executive, and Senior Management positions in both the public and private sectors and knows first hand the challenges of being at the top of your profession. Based on Maurice’s Executive Business Experience and his Qualifications in Executive Coaching, he brings a different and unique perspective to the coaching experience. Maurice is a member of EMCC and subscribes to the EMCC Code of Ethics (see

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