Diversity & Inclusion Programme


Diverse organisations improve collaboration and drive better financial performance by harnessing the power of different experiences, knowledge and skills.

Designed to provide an overview of diversity and inclusion, you will be able to identify how this relates to your role and to your workplace. The Diversity and Inclusion Programme is designed to deliver systemic change for organisations, and accelerate the pace of change towards a culture of inclusion. With a focus on sustainable and impactful change, the Diversity and Inclusion Programme allows clients gain competitive advantage.

The course gives participants a strong understanding of diverse groups at work, the business case for diversity and inclusion and the barriers experienced by diverse groups at hiring and promotion. At the end of the course, participants will have the tools, techniques and motivation to implement inclusive their own hiring and promotion practice.

The Diversity and Inclusion programme will cover workplace experience of diverse groups, the business case for diversity and inclusion including talent, risk mitigation, reputation, business development and culture and values. The course will give an overview of inclusive talent policies and initiatives. You will have the skills to identify the next steps in implementing an inclusive practice in your company.

This is a half day programme run over 4 hours.

If you believe it’s time to develop diversity and inclusion in your workplace, contact Maurice at: +353 (87) 820 2018 or email him at [email protected] to book your Diversity and Inclusion programme. 


For future information on the programme please contact Unleash Potential at [email protected] 

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