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Maurice Whelan is a strengths based coach and is perhaps the best coach I have ever had. He provides me with “space” to review and evaluate my work through reflection and discussion. He has excellent active listening skills and uses reflective questioning to explore issues and to get to the heart of problems. He is excellent at striking the balance between challenging me and encouraging me to be the best I can be. I always come away from our sessions feeling empowered and I can honestly say he is invaluable to me in my role as CEO.
CEO of Charity

Maurice’s modus operandi is focused, methodical and painstakingly thorough. He spent significant time and effort in getting to know me and the results of his efforts have not only assisted me greatly in my professional life, but I like to think it has also created a great rapport between us. As CEO of a fast growing global company, his guidance has been instrumental in helping me stay effective, despite so many conflicting priorities, understand the importance of getting the best from my talented team and ensuring I rely on my strengths, while understanding areas that I need to develop more expertise in. Simply put Maurice is a highly effective results driven coach.

The Benefits of Executive Coaching

Aisling Hassell, Airbnb talks about the Leadership and Coaching Programme from Unleash Potential.

Are you a leader who needs to redirect and refocus your priorities?

Do you feel you need to sharpen your leadership skills?

Is there conflict between the demands of your work life and home?

Could you manage your working relationships better to get better outcome?

If you have answered yes to one or more of the above, it’s time to invest in getting yourself an Executive Coach.

Executive Coaching is a confidential service provided by Unleash Potential to help senior executives create the time and space to address these or other similar issues. By addressing issues such as those listed above, you can ensure that you consistently improve your Performance. Executive Coaching can support you to look at things in new and different ways. The Coach can support you to make the changes you wish to make and can be an excellent sounding board for your new and creative ideas.

Maurice has held Chair, Executive, and Senior Management positions in both the public and private sectors and knows first hand the challenges of being at the top of your profession. Based on Maurice’s Executive Business Experience and his Qualifications in Executive Coaching, he brings a different and unique perspective to the coaching experience.

Maurice is a member of EMCC and subscribes to the EMCC Code of Ethics (see emccouncil.org).

If you believe it’s time to invest in yourself, contact Maurice at: +353 (87) 820 2018 or email him at [email protected] to book your Executive Coaching sessions. Alternatively, just fill out the booking form HERE and one of the team will be in touch.

Maurice is an excellent coach who creates an environment for self-improvement which is goal driven and highly effective. While Maurice is more than obliging to help with predefined objectives the real value I gained was from his guidance in setting out a plan to enhance my own personal development. As a coach he builds excellent rapport which makes sharing goals and aspirations much easier, focusing on what matters at an individual level. For me the sessions were defiantly the most engaging and beneficial number of weeks I have attended, I really enjoyed the journey. To anyone who would be looking to take their development to the next level I would strongly recommend the executive leadership coaching.
Reporting and Resource Planning Manager

Multilingual Business Process Outsourcing BPO Company

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